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Asset & Estate Management

Serving Clients In Albany, Clifton Park & Saratoga Springs, NY

What does Asset Management Company mean?  An asset management company is one that invests its clients' pooled funds into different securities that match the declared financial objectives of the firm.  An asset management company offers investors more investing and diversification objectives then they would have investing on their own.  By working with asset management companies, our advisors help with the managing of your fixed income assets, striving to provide you with a comfortable retirement. 

At Holistic Wealth Advisors we handle every aspect of your asset management as if it was our own.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to building a relationship with our clients.  Our financial managers will assist you in the weighting of various asset categories (i.e., stocks, bonds, cash) as well as working to diversify your holdings, seeking to reduce risk within your portfolio based on your personalized risk profile.  Once our team of financial planners has come up your customized investment plan, we will  determine the frequency of our reviews.  We believe the regular contact is essential to keep you informed about your investments and financial plan.  We provide more than just a monthly statement,  you will receive clear, relevant and concise information regarding all of your asset management accounts.

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