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Our Philosophy

Holistic Wealth Advisors

Financial and Retirement Planning in
The Capital Region, Albany, Clifton Park
& Saratoga Springs, NY

Caring, Independent, Practical

To us, “holistic” is more than a trendy word. It defines our philosophy and approach to every relationship. We believe the foundation of a successful plan is built on the dreams, circumstances, and priorities of each individual.


Financial Planning Saratoga Springs, Albany & Clifton Park, NY

All the people we meet come with their own story having unique challenges, exciting opportunities, and big dreams. Our job is to listen carefully and ask thoughtful questions so we can truly understand everything that is important.

  • Where are you on the Road of Life?
  • What type of investor are you?
  • Are you a risk taker or do you proceed with caution?
  • Are you a saver or spender?


We believe that everyone needs to plan for the expected and the unexpected. Wherever you are on the Road of Life, it’s important to understand what steps to take to put yourself in control so you are prepared.

  • Do you have the proper protection in place for your family?
  • Are you saving enough and in the right places?
  • Could you do more to provide for your loved ones?
  • When can you retire and will you have enough income to live comfortably?
  • Are you taking full advantage of all the benefits your employer has to offer?
  • Are your investment accounts consolidated or spread out all over the place?
  • Do you really understand your asset allocation and how it can impact your performance?

These and many other questions are very personal and individual. The answers to the these questions drives the direction we go in to create your customized financial plan. Utilizing our vast network of financial institutions and solution providers, we will walk you through ALL of your options, outline all the pros and cons for you, and make a decision TOGETHER about what is right for you. 


One thing we can always count on is markets will go up and down. Bull and bear markets happen, we just don’t know when or how long they will last. When it comes to your investments, market timing or hoping things will “turn around” is not a strategy; having a disciplined and patient risk management process is a key element of our philosophy.