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We recognize that providing consistent, independent, high-quality service is an essential part of helping you achieve your goals. Your financial well-being involves much more than investments. There’s your Plan and then there's Life. Planning for your future is the key to achieving the success you deserve but being flexible and responsive to life’s changes is essential. Move your cursor over each service to learn more.

Financial Planning Clifton Park, NY

Risk Management

Pursuing your financial goals requires identifying, assessing and prioritizing present and future risks. Having a plan to mitigate the risks through asset allocation, insurance and preservation techniques helps you to be prepared for the potential impact of unfortunate events.

Retirement Planning

Planning for a successful retirement begins well before age 65. Developing a retirement plan designed to target steady growth, minimize risk, maximize savings and potentially guaranteeing future income streams puts you in control of your nest egg.

Financial Planning

As you go through life, your financial needs evolve Buying a home leads to saving for college,giving way to retirement planning and long term care needs. Having a customized plan based upon your individual needs, coordinated and managed with an independent objective professional, puts you in control.

Exit Planning

Exit Planning is a process for helping business owners get maximum value from their business at the time of transition. This process will help to mitigate the tax burden all while being in control of the transition process.

Estate Planning Strategies

Financial confidence comes with having a solid strategy for determining when, how and to whom assets or a business are to be distributed after death — with maximum efficiency and minimal tax and cost.

Tax Planning Strategies

The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimize taxes. Using 401(k) & IRA Rollovers, tax-free and tax-deferred investment vehicles and insurance, we are well equipped to help you stay ahead of potential costly tax mistakes.

Investment Management

Managing wealth starts with you and your goals. What is your tolerance for risk? What are we trying to achieve with a particular investment asset? Staying ahead of an ever-changing global economy and volatile markets means fine tuning the focus of your investment portfolio to reach your goals and keep you comfortable and secure.